This week's vendor spotlight: Sakshi Gantenbein

Sakshi has been doing markets as a street vendor since he started selling roasted chestnuts at the train station in the village where he lived in Switzerland.
Now here in Asheville he is a familiar face around town and has been with the East Asheville Tailgate Market since the very beginning.
He makes Incredibly Delicious Pralines (or glazed nuts) in the same way they make them in Europe: in a copper pan in small batches with just four ingredients: almonds/pecans/walnuts, pure cane sugar, vanilla and cinnamon - that’s it!
He also offers Boiled Peanuts using the freshest raw peanuts and sea salt, and, people love them!
When you ask him why he loves the market so much, he will tell you that it’s all about connecting with each other, having a laugh together and having a good time.