Vendor Spotlight: Fogarty Farms


"Situated on 8 acres in the rolling hills of Alexander, NC.
Surrounded by a diverse array of native flora & fauna.
Graced by the presence of spring water, emerging from the earth around us.
Fogarty Farms was created with the intent of enhancing this environment.
Working with the natural systems, while producing a bounty of produce to feed ourselves & share with the community.

I like to say that our growing methods are "beyond organic", and the land is managed with a holistic approach. Annual crops are grown year-round & a variety of useful perennials are being established throughout the gardens. Chickens, guineas, & goats are rotated thru the gardens, pastures, woodlands.

Our main garden is ~1.5 acres of land that has been shaped into terraced beds & passive water-catchment features. It's inspired by the permaculture idea of growing a "food forest" (mimicking nature to create a self-sustaining forest ecosystem, while creating a variety of useful outputs). This space is gradually transitioning from mostly annual production, to mostly perennial production.  Fruit & nut trees, berry bushes, culinary & medicinal herbs, perennial veggies, annual fruits & veggies, mushrooms, animal feeds & fodder, living mulches, etc..
One fruit I'm pretty excited about is the Pawpaws!

As the years go by,  we'll be offering more of this bounty at the market and thru CSA shares.
Hope to see you then."

Nick Fogarty
Farmer & Visionary
Fogarty Farms