This week's spotlight: Wendy Town Farms!

Wendy Town Farms is a small sustainable farm growing vegetables & hops naturally without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. The farm is owned and operated by Wendy Wright and Matt Coulon.  They moved from their urban farm in Austin, TX a year ago to expand their operation and enjoy the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. One of their farming goals is to share the land with wildlife while keeping the soil healthy and growing beautiful nutritious food. They save seed from some of the rare heirloom varieties grown on the farm to preserve and pass on to the next generation of farmers. When Matt's not working in the fields he's brewing beer with their hops and other herbs and produce from the farm. 

Meet Andie

Rooted Earth Farm is located on a south-facing slope of Jones Mountain, in Leicester, NC. Owned and operated by, Justin and Andie Burkins, Rooted Earth Farm specializes in producing a wide array of vegetables, perennials, herbs, flowers, and plant starts. 
arming practices include growing products organically, using crop rotation, testing soil annually, carefully planning for pest management, and maintaining a beneficial habitat for pollinators. They also have a small scale greenhouse with Smithmill Works, in Asheville, where they have began production for cool winter crops, specialty herbs, flowers and produce, for local businesses and their CSA program.
Rooted Earth Farm is ASAP certified, and is part of the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association.

This week they will have cut flowers, and a limited supply of Rhubarb in addition to their seasonal perennials and herbs! 

Introducing John Roberts!

This week, we honor long-time produce vendor John Roberts of John's Berry Patch and Vegetable Farm. John has 360 blueberry plants on a half acre field kept clean for good picking and invites you to come out and pick your own (180 Olympic Drive, Leicester 28749)! Spring time brings kale, collards, cabbage, broccoli, spinach and other seasonal vegetables. John has owned the farm for 33 years, is a native of Madison County in Hot Springs, and attends Turkey Creek Baptist Church in Leicester.  

This week we spotlight Kuster Farm


'"Why did we start this endeavor?" After rebuilding an antique tractor as a project with the Reynolds Ag. students and raising edamame as a fund raiser was over, we decided to put the tractor to good use growing our own edamame and blue lake beans. We began the same year that EATM did and have felt that it was growing with us. We have met many great people and continue to work with you to make the market better every year. With much dedication, we have established support in the local community and it has helped us to expand our agriculture practice broadening the variety and quantity of veggies we bring to market, local businesses and our own CSA.' 

Meet Michele

This week, we spotlight baker Michele Kersten! After a short hiatus last fall Michele and her Delectable Delights have returned to market. She is known for having some of the most amazing baked goods in Western NC and has a strong following of local customers. Not many can resist her Coconut Cake, or any one of the other delicious goodies she brings each week.

This week's vendor spotlight: Sakshi Gantenbein

Sakshi has been doing markets as a street vendor since he started selling roasted chestnuts at the train station in the village where he lived in Switzerland.
Now here in Asheville he is a familiar face around town and has been with the East Asheville Tailgate Market since the very beginning.
He makes Incredibly Delicious Pralines (or glazed nuts) in the same way they make them in Europe: in a copper pan in small batches with just four ingredients: almonds/pecans/walnuts, pure cane sugar, vanilla and cinnamon - that’s it!
He also offers Boiled Peanuts using the freshest raw peanuts and sea salt, and, people love them!
When you ask him why he loves the market so much, he will tell you that it’s all about connecting with each other, having a laugh together and having a good time.